REAL: The Power of Authentic Connection

By Duane and Catherine O'Kane

Stop pursuing happiness and discover the joy of being alive through authentic, vulnerable connection. 

Connection is the Doorway to Being Alive

  • This inspirational, life-changing book reveals how most of our struggles in life are relationship struggles. Depression, anxiety, mental and physical illness, low self-esteem, high divorce rates, and all the myriad ways we explain our pain are more a result of lack of real relationships. We don’t know how to connect, and the ways we go about attempting to do so often contribute to the problem. We hide, pretend and defend instead of being real. Connection is the doorway to being fully alive, and it is only one vulnerable step away at any given moment.

  • In this book, Duane and Catherine take the reader through an intimate journey using exercises and examples from their personal and professional lives. Practical tools are shared, including 5 skills of emotional responsibility, and the 4-step ‘getting real’ process to correct the self-limiting beliefs and feelings that are at the root of our relationship dilemmas. This book provides a road map back to a fully connected life for all those who have suffered in isolation.

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