Duane O'Kane

Duane, a certified Family Therapist, spent many of his early adult years drawn to the cutting edge of the human potential movement, psychology, and the pursuit of spiritual freedom, and translated this quest into the field of music as a song writer and musician. He would spend many weekends frequenting the Cold Mountain Institute in Vancouver, known today as Hollyhock, and the Esalen Institute in California. All of this was an attempt to understand and emancipate from the deep wounds of growing up in a violent alcoholic home. A personal crisis in relationship combined with numerous major losses including the death of his father by suicide resulted in Duane being mired in a deep clinical depression in 1990.

Duane discovered A Course in Miracles while fighting this depression. At the time nothing in his professional repertoire could adequately address his state of abject misery. It opened him to a revolutionary way of thinking that afforded him a view beyond the Hell that he was experiencing to see the Heaven that was held hostage in it. It is Duane’s passion and belief that all that we strive for is in the middle of every moment, relationship and situation.


Catherine O'Kane

As well as an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Catherine also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music performance. She spent her early twenties immersed in the world of classical music, where her passion for authentic/creative expression was birthed. Catherine and Duane share their mutual love for music with their daughter Erin, who is a gifted singer.

Catherine has always been fascinated with the border between psychology and spirituality, specifically with how to apply spiritual principles practically in every-day life. A near death experience in 1994 awakened her to the reality of the spiritual consciousness that forms the fabric of life, as well as to the disparity between her own beliefs and how she was living. This mystical experience dramatically impacted her view of her own existence, and fundamentally influenced her view on the human psyche and relationships. Catherine is committed to assisting others to tap into that same loving force many spiritual disciplines describe, because it is from this foundation that true transformation emerges.

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